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Indoor Plant Soil Food

Indoor Plant Soil Food

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A natural mineral soil food made especially for indoor plants by Munash Organics. The minerals gently nourish the soil, which in turn feeds the plants with 67 life-giving minerals to give new life to your indoor plants and help them thrive.

Application: Sprinkled on top of the soil, the trace elements and minerals will get to work ensuring your plant’s roots are fed, which will in turn make your indoor plants flourish. It a slow-release formula which means it feeds little and often, keeping your plants happy and fed regularly. It does not wash out when you water.

The natural rock minerals are derived from the pristine volcanic deposits in Central Victoria.

Munash is a family-owned and operated business, based in Ballarat Victoria.  Made in Australia

100% Safe 100% Natural Organic Input, scent-free and completely safe to use around animals, as it is non-toxic.