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Orchid Plant in a retangular ceramic Pot

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Phalaenopsis plant in a white ceramic pot

containing five to seven stems of the Phalaenopsis orchids.

This Phalaenopsis orchid is perfect for honouring essential occasions such as Mother's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. It also expresses gratitude for a well-done job because it requires so little care. 

The contemporary ceramic vase adorned with moss will present the lovely flower arrangement you ordered when it is delivered.

Keep your orchid out of the direct sunshine if you want it to reach its full flowering potential. This will help it bloom more fully. 

Because they are tropical, they do well in hot and humid areas.

It would help if you give your orchid a thorough watering once each week, using one glass of water of a typical size for each of its stems. 

Because orchids are epiphytes, they get their moisture from the air, and the blossoms on an orchid need to be misted once a week to keep their beautiful appearance.

Remove fading blooms 

It is recommended that you switch the containers that your plants are growing in regularly. 

You are welcome to utilise either the "Plants food choice" fertiliser included in our gift collection or any other type of fertiliser you want.

If the orchid is no longer producing flowers and no new buds are visible on the stem, trim the stalk so that it is just above the last node and close to the base of the leaves. 

After a few months of consistent irrigation, the plant should start producing new stems and blossoms.