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Pot orchid plant from $45

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Pot orchid plant

 it is an excellent choice as a present for occasions such as Mother's Day, birthdays, anniversaries, or congratulations. 

This lovely thing will always be delivered in a modern ceramic pot that has moss on the very top of it, no matter the occasion.

If you want the most significant outcomes, keep the orchid out of the direct sunshine. 

As tropical plants, they favour conditions of high humidity and warm temperatures.

Once a week, provide your orchid with one thimble-sized serving of water for each stem it has. 

Because orchids are epiphytes and absorb water via their petals, they must be sprayed with water once a week to maintain a healthy appearance.

Cut back faded blooms. 

Re-pot occasionally 

You can feed and fertilise your plants using our "Plants food choice" product, which is part of our present collection, or with any other appropriate fertiliser.

Cut the stem above the last node near the base of the leaves if the orchid has completed flowering and no fresh buds remain in the stalk. 

If you continue to water the plant as you normally would, there should be new stem growth after a couple of months, and you will get new blooms.

Two stems of a smaller size $45

Elegant: 1 stem, large flowers $65

Premium: 2 stems, large flowers $70

There is a pot supplied.

Pink and white, yellow, and orange are the colours that are offered.