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Orchid in Glass Vase 01
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Orchid plant in Glass Vase

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Orchid in Glass Vase

A clear glass vase held three orchid stems of varying sizes and the vase itself.

This Phalaenopsis orchid, one option requiring the least amount of upkeep, is perfect for commemorating significant occasions and expressing gratitude. Some examples include Mother's Day, anniversaries, and birthdays. 

This charming present will be sent in a contemporary glass/ceramic pot decorated with moss and suitable for any occasion.

Avoid exposing the orchid to direct sunlight if you want the most significant outcomes. 

Conditions that are hot and humid are ideal for the growth of tropical plants.

Once a week, you should give your orchid one small glass of water for each stem it has. 

Because orchids are epiphytes and take in water through their petals, they only need to be sprayed once a week to keep their stunning flowers looking their best.

Reduce the size of any blooms that have lost their colour. 

It is vital to repot the plant every so often. 

You can use the fertiliser labelled "Plants food choice," which we sell in our gift collection, or another kind of fertiliser if that is more convenient for you.

After the orchid has bloomed, you should prune the stem so that it is just above the terminal node and close to the leaves if there are no more buds on it. 

If you consistently water the plant, you should notice new stem growth and fresh blossoms within the next few months.