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Luxury orchid plants

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Very Large white premium phalaenopsis orchid in a very large and tall glass vase, mix with Mogoliya sticks. Best Luxury gift choice. 

This Phalaenopsis orchid is one of the easiest to grow and take care of, so it makes a perfect Mother's day, birthday, anniversary or congratulatory gift. No matter the occasion, this beauty will arrive in a contemporary ceremic pot topped off with moss.

For best results avoid placing the orchid in direct sunlight. They are a tropical plant and prefer humidity and warmth

Give 1 short glass of water for each stem your orchid has, once every week. Orchids are epiphytes and drink through their petals, mist once a week to keep the blooms looking healthy.  

Trim spent flowers Re-pot occasionally Feed and fertilise with our ‘Plants food choice” in gifts collection or any other fertiliser to suit.

If the orchid has finished blooming and there are no new buds left in the stem, cut the stem above the last node close to the base of the leaves . After couple months, there should be new stem growth and you will get new blooms if you continue to water as usual.