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Florists Brighton Indoor Plant Care Spray

Indoor Plant Care Spray

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Indoor Plant Care Spray | ShadyHill Luxury Flower Delivery

A mineral spray composed entirely of natural ingredients that are designed for use on houseplants.

Your plant's leaves will receive a nutritional boost from this gentle combination of marine minerals, which will help them maintain their vibrant green colour and overall good health.

This liquid solution has forty different essential microminerals in its composition.
The leaves readily absorb the ionic minerals found in liquid marine minerals.

Studies have shown that plants and soil with a higher mineral content are less stressed and healthier and that these minerals also aid with problems connected to bacteria and fungi. Soil with a higher mineral content also has a more remarkable ability to retain water.

Minerals are essential to the development and overall health of a plant.

Because our spray has been proven to be made entirely of organic ingredients, you are allowed to use it wherever, within or around your home.

There are no traces of odour or residue visible on the leaves.