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Diversity, Courage and Strength $35-$150

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Australian Native Flowers Diversity, Courage and Strength

Currently, native Australian flowers are increasing in popularity in Australia and worldwide.

Consequently, why do people enjoy our native Australian flowers so much?

Using native flowers imparts a highly recognisable and distinctive quality to the arrangement.

There is variation in hue and texture between them.

Because they tend to stay longer, local flowers are more cost-effective.

By drying native flowers, they can be preserved for all time.

You can send regionally indigenous flowers for any occasion.

People mistakenly believe that flowers are intended for ladies, but in actuality, flowers have no gender. 

Therefore, it may be not easy to find flowers suited for men. 

Native flowers are gender-neutral, so they are an ideal alternative for sending to males.

The usage of local flowers is advised for an Australian-style wedding bouquet. 

Use native flowers to create a bouquet that is more natural and in keeping with the Australian aesthetic.

Who are the most famous indigenous Australians in the present day?


The banksia has earthier brown hues ranging from light to dark brown. Yellow and red are found in a number of them. 

So wide distinct varieties of banksia are available for purchase as cut flowers. 

People frequently confuse protea and banksia. The most evident difference between them is that the petals of a protea flower expand over time, whereas the petals of a banksia flower do not. Additionally, the protea is indigenous to southern Africa.


The Waratah's look is highly stunning. They are courageous and highly breathtaking. 

The Waratah is the official state floral emblem of New South Wales. Although red Waratah is the most popular, pink and white Waratah also have substantial demand.

Western Australia's official state emblem is the kangaroo paw. 

The term was derived from the shape of the thing, which resembled a kangaroo's paw. 

The inclusion of their unique flowers substantially enhances the floral arrangement.


These flowers resemble baby's breath and are indigenous to our country. 

Their blooms are more delicate than others. 

Wax flowers serve a similar function as a baby's breath but have a more contemporary appearance. 

Additionally, wax flowers have a longer shelf life than baby breath. 

Wax hybrids are available in various hues and have an extended blooming period.


The eucalyptus tree is one of the most recognisable symbols of the natural environment that is indigenous to Australia. 

The delicate texture their silvery leaves create is a delightful complement to any floral arrangement. 

Additionally, they have a relaxing scent. 

Eucalyptus leaves are multifunctional. 

It can be combined with other flowers but also makes a beautiful accent when used alone. 

If you choose, you can retain them as dried flowers.


The golden wattle, which serves as our national floral emblem and showcases our national colours of green and gold, serves as our national floral emblem. 

Their brilliant yellow petals are great for giving any bouquet or arrangement the appearance of being composed of indigenous flowers. 

The optimum time to obtain wattle blossoms is during the spring.


The bottlebrush is a well-known and cherished native flower. 

The crimson flower is formed like a brush and is a gorgeous shade of red. 

It would be advantageous to include other native flowers to make the floral arrangement brighter.

Native Australian flowers are perfect for use in natural-looking floral arrangements and clothing, both experiencing a natural aesthetic trend. 

The raw and unprocessed beauty of their appearance cannot be emphasised. 

As such a vast selection of native flowers is available to fulfil your needs, we are glad to assist you in picking the best native flowers for your purpose.