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What are the most popular Valentine's Day flowers to send?

What are the most popular Valentine's Day flowers to send?

In honour of the festival that celebrates love, we bring together past and present elements in this presentation.

On Valentine's Day only, you should send flowers to the person you're romantically involved with. 

Despite this, selecting a bouquet from the seemingly endless possibilities might be challenging. 

Which flower best symbolises romance—a bouquet of red roses or white lilies? 

Which flower arrangement do you feel best expresses how you feel about the absence of your closest friend? 

How much can you rely on the flowers you give someone as a constant reminder of how much you care about them?

You are not the first to think about the problems raised; we'll let you in on a little secret. 

It's been millennia since people have exchanged flowers as gifts with one another, so that's something. 

Certain flowers have gained a reputation throughout the ages as emblematic of admiration, respect, and awe. 

Choosing the best flower delivery service for Valentine's Day can be a challenge, but you can make it easier on yourself by keeping these tips in mind.




To begin, why don't we try the solution that's the least complicated? 

Even though they are not the most creative choice, roses have become the traditional gift on Valentine's Day. 

This is not to say that this tradition is without merit. 

This timeless classic is a customer and florist favourite due to its beautiful petals and extended vase life.

The rose might not have gotten off to the best possible start, but its long and exciting history certainly works in its favour. 

England during the Victorian era had a "language of flowers," in which each type of flower represented a different concept. 

If more people could communicate with one another using this language, presenting flowers as a sign of affection would have a more profound significance. 

In Victorian times, the specific token of affection to send to a loved one was a bouquet of roses.

Roses have undergone significant transformations since their heydey in the Victorian era, even though they are still associated with love and romance. 

There are now an infinite number of varieties and colours of roses from which to choose. 

Even though a dozen red roses represent unending love, one should not overlook the significance of other flower colours. 

A bunch of yellow and pink roses in a bouquet is a thoughtful gift you could give to your mother or a close friend.

If you adore peonies and believe that ruffles can make any outfit look more romantic, we are on the same page as you. 

Peonies have beautiful petals that are multi-layered, fluffy, and velvety. 

This is one of their most distinguishing characteristics. 

As the peony opens and expands, your significant other will be reminded of how much you care about them and how much they have progressed over the years.

The beauty of these flowers is not the only factor to be considered when evaluating them. 

Peonies are the ideal flower to give on Valentine's Day because they represent a love that lasts forever, the happiness of marriage, and the promise of a long and prosperous life together.




When winter never seems to end, tulips miraculously appear out of nowhere. 

The expectation of better weather has given rise to optimism and the need to prepare. 

Because of this, tulips have come to symbolise rebirth and optimism in modern culture.

Even if you are on friendly terms with your significant other, giving them a bouquet of tulips on Valentine's Day is an excellent way to demonstrate that you are falling in love with them all over again. 

They won't care how corny this is; it will make them laugh regardless.

Regarding representations of love, red tulips are almost on par with red roses. 

However, you shouldn't limit your tulip-related enjoyment to just your significant other. 

Tulips are available in various colours, including pink, yellow, and purple, and it is appropriate to celebrate Galentine's Day with any of these flower hues. 

Getting her approval by purchasing a few of these items and giving them to Leslie Knope's girlfriends is a good strategy.




Ranunculus flowers, newcomers to the floral industry, deserve to be recognised as the industry's Rookie of the Year. 

These flowers' layered, swirling petals defy belief; they look too realistic to be accurate. 

Thus, they serve as the fitting token of appreciation for an indefinable feeling of love.

Ranunculus flowers come in so many different colours that you may select the perfect bouquet for every occasion. 

Flowers of a lighter hue, like cream or light yellow, represent a longer-lasting friendship, while brighter colours, like pinks and oranges, represent newer relationships.



Cut flowers, no matter how lovely, only last for a short time. 

Nothing beats an orchid arrangement to give a loved one a present that will last. 

The splendour of the tropics may now be enjoyed thanks to these plant containers indoors. 

If you invest the time and energy into your relationships, they will get stronger each year.

Orchids have a reputation for high maintenance, yet many species require very little care. 

This is why it is wise to check in with a loved one to see if they want more to eat.




The lily is your best bet if you're looking for a flower whose beauty matches the splendour of your love. 

These flowers begin as tiny buds and grow into huge trumpets. 

It's not just a gorgeous bouquet you'll receive; you'll be entertained, too! There are so many kinds of lilies that it's possible to choose the perfect bouquet for anyone from your grandma to your BFF. 

Stargazer lilies nearly yell happiness with their enormous white blossoms tinted with pink and speckled with scarlet. 

Depending on your preference, white or red Asiatic lilies are attractive options for creating an intimate, passionate atmosphere. 

The rose lily's multi-layered petals are an excellent example of unexpected beauty.

Need to inject some excitement into the proceedings? 

Consider sending calla lilies. 

These oddly shaped blooms are a popular choice for February 14th. 

In addition to being intriguing, they are also stunning. 

As legend has it, not even Venus could resist coveting these stunning blooms. 

Making the goddess of love and beauty envious is, if nothing else, proof enough of your charms.


A bouquet of Gerbera daisies


Gerbera daisies, in a word, are pure happiness. 

They make us pine for our carefree childhoods when we could play in flower fields and crown ourselves with bouquets. 

On Valentine's Day, spreading joy with a bouquet of uplifting gerbera daisies is a fantastic way to show appreciation.




I am looking for a flower arrangement to give to someone who always makes you smile. 

Just grab some sunflowers on the way out. 

Despite their lack of romantic significance, these cheerful flowers will brighten anyone's day. 

Thus, they are perfect for sharing the love of Valentine's Day with loved ones at home or in the workplace.

Sunflowers typically come in yellow and black, but those are far from the only available colours. 

Some sunflowers are pink, orange, and red if you look closely.




Flowers are a classic and appreciated Valentine's Day gift, but you don't have to stop there. 

If your office BFF doesn't have room for blooms or your partner isn't a huge flower fan, a succulent is an excellent alternative to sending flowers. 

There is such variety among these tiny plants in shape and texture, so making a final decision will be difficult. 

Plants with hearts made of succulents are rare and stunning. 

These adorable creatures are also surprisingly hardy, despite their small size. 

Because of this, they make lovely presents for anyone, regardless of whether or not they have a green thumb.


Typical Tropical Plants


You can do so virtually if you'd like to spend Valentine's Day in the tropics but are stuck at home. 

In that case, fake some tropical flowers instead. 

Even when it's freezing outside, you can bring the exotic beauty of the tropics inside with flowering ginger and loofah plants. 

They're a great option if your significant other is getting fed up with winter.


On the Day of Love, Flowers Are Delivered


Your final flower choice for Valentine's Day can be made with the help of our suggestions. 

Since the ShadyHill Co. only sells sustainably grown flowers, you can rest assured that your bouquets will last for a long time (because farmers and Mama Earth deserve a little love too) (because farmers and Mama Earth deserve a little love too) (because farmers and Mama Earth deserve a little love too).

Preparing ahead of time is always wise, especially for this seasonally hectic time for florists. 

If you take care of the flowers in advance, you'll have more time to think of other thoughtful and creative romantic gifts besides chocolate and jewellery. 

History of St. Valentine's Day and related material is also available.