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Wedding Flowers | Shady Hill Luxury Flower

Wedding Flowers | Shady Hill Luxury Flower

When it comes to a wedding, florist are a must. The bridal bouquet is a lovely finishing touch to your stunning wedding attire, and they make the perfect backdrop for any event.

If you're planning a grand wedding or a small, personal ceremony, we can help you select the appropriate balance of wedding flowers to suit your occasion.

See our guide to wedding flowers below for inspiration, even if you're planning a small gathering. In terms of wedding flowers, there is no right or wrong decision; it all depends on your preferences and style, your location, and what would look best there.

We take great pleasure in crafting unique wedding and civil ceremony preparations for couples all around England. Please make an appointment to meet with one of our florists by contacting a staff member.


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Personal bouquets

These are some of the most common floral arrangements for wedding guests and floral designer:


Bouquet for the bride

Wedding flower arrangements like this are pretty popular and vital to have on your special day. All other bouquets must adhere to the wedding bouquet's high quality with only a few slight variations.

The flowers design in this bouquet are generally chosen to fit the wedding day's colour scheme and to complement your gown, as it is the centrepiece. Flowers can be arranged in various ways, ranging from tight, spherical bouquets to loose, waterfall-style arrangements.

Bouquets for the bridesmaids

To keep the wedding party looking cohesive, bridesmaids carry smaller and identical bouquets to their bridesmaids. Another prevalent wedding floral arrangement can be the focal point of bridal party portraits for many couples.

Real flower petals are often used for the confetti thrown at weddings, which is a charming custom. Any flower girl can also use the flower petals to scatter down the aisle ahead of you.


To connect the groom and his best man to the rest of the wedding party, buttonholes are used. To emphasise the significant flowers and colours in the bouquet, buttonholes are usually modest and subtle variations of the central bouquet.

Corsages for the bridal party's reception

Even though this is no longer a common practice, some couples still want to give their mothers, maids of honour, and other members of the bridal party corsages to make them feel like they are part of the big day. These tend to be smaller, more subtle pieces of art.

Flowered headpieces

The Highest quality Flowers in the hair have been an increasingly popular trend among brides in recent years, with some opting for just a few delicate blooms in their hair, while others prefer full-blown crowns to complete their bridal image.


Flowers for the event venue


Choosing a Wedding Location

It all depends on where you're getting married regarding the type of wedding flowers you choose and whether or not they're required. Regardless of the type or style of your wedding location, the flowers listed below are some of the most popular choices.

Centrepieces for dining tables

As a wedding table decoration, floral centrepieces are a popular choice since they bring a splash of colour to the table and help to unify the wedding's overall colour scheme. Depending on your taste, you can have a low or high centrepiece or even a larger one for the top table that usually spans the entire length of the table.


The arrangement of the chairs


A lovely and natural look can be achieved by placing a few modest, discreet flowers at the ends of the aisle chairs throughout the ceremony. This arrangement style is ideal if you're planning a rustic or natural-themed wedding.

Archway with floral decorations

Floral arches have become increasingly popular as a statement piece for a wedding. Depending on the wedding's aesthetic, these can be rustic, modern, or even classical. There's no one-size-fits-all answer to this question.

Decorative pedestals

Pedestal arrangements are a popular choice for wedding flowers since they can be positioned throughout the venue to match the overall theme and bring a lot of colours.

Weddings with close friends and family

Flowers can provide a special touch to a low-key event, whether a destination wedding or an intimate gathering at home. Intimate wedding flowers of choice include:


  • Bouquet for the bride
  • Bridal party boutonniere (s)
  • Buttonholes\sCorsages
  • Any decorations for the ceremony

Shady Hill Luxury Flower - Wedding Flowers  

To produce stunning bespoke flower arrangements for weddings of all sizes, the Shady Hill Luxury Flower team has worked on many different kinds of events.

We've worked with many brides and grooms who had to scale back their big day because of lockdown limitations due to the coronavirus pandemic. This means that we have a great deal of expertise in designing wedding flowers and bouquets for smaller weddings, and we'll work closely with you to ensure that you get precisely what you want.

We'll help you design the perfect bouquets for your big day with your input.

For your wedding flowers, we take an individualised approach. We will work carefully with you to learn about your plans, the location, and the type of style you envision. Our wedding flowers and bouquets are made in-house by our talented florists, who have years of experience.

Please contact our team to schedule a complimentary wedding consultation and learn more about our wedding flower services.