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Wait till the Last Minute to Buy Flowers for Valentine's Day

Wait till the Last Minute to Buy Flowers for Valentine's Day


We are firmly in 2023, and Valentine's Day is just around the corner! 

It is fair to put off purchasing Valentine's Day gifts now that most people are back at work and most friend groups are anxious to get back together after the holidays.

ShadyHill Flowers is well aware that life can occasionally provide unexpected challenges. 

Because we know you still want to surprise your Valentine with a present but only have a little time to purchase it, we've collected a list of last-minute flower gift ideas for you.


Do you wish to purchase some flowers for Valentine's Day?


Roses: Whether it's a single long-stem rose, a dozen roses in a vase, or a hat box full of roses, you're sure to make an impression. 

Flowers of the rose family have long been used to depict essential feelings like love and loyalty. 

It should be no surprise that these traditional flowers are a favourite selection for this occasion, given that today is Valentine's Day, the most romantic day of the year.

Give a gorgeous arrangement of tulips to the person you have feelings for as a token of your affection. 

The term "deep" or "perfect" love is often associated with tulips as a traditional flower connotation. 

On Valentine's Day, more than any other day, you should present the person you care about most with a stunning bouquet.

Because your boyfriend sent you black roses, you probably wouldn't consider your partner a romantic, would you? 

A bouquet composed of black roses could be an intriguing and unusual choice. 

Visit us today and take a look at our black rose bouquet.

Even though red roses are the classic flower associated with Valentine's Day, you may show your sweetheart how much you care about them by getting them a bouquet that is just as unique as they are.


bunch of black roses with stems


Roses and lilies: add a dash of colour to a traditional rose bouquet with these two beautiful flowers! 

The most romantic of all possible floral pairings features roses and lilies together. 

A gorgeous colour scheme that is relatively easy to pull off correctly.

Bunch of red roses and lilies.

Those who don't have European roots may have little appreciation for red flowers. 

Give them more opportunities to enjoy what you know would appeal to them. 

Natives of Australia are available in a wide range of tasteful tones, making them a versatile addition to any interior design scheme.


How to Preserve the Floral Quality of Flowers


A bouquet will not last forever (unless you get something from our permanent collection), but with some tender loving care, you may extend its lifespan significantly. 

Depending on the care provided to the flowers and the types of flowers included, the lifespan of a bouquet of flowers can range anywhere from four days to seven days or even more. 

Visit our blog and read the page titled "How to care for fresh cut flowers" for in-depth information on extending the lifespan of your flower arrangements.

You can find the perfect arrangement at the Shadyhill Flower Shop.

On Valentine's Day, we offer you a choice between a large selection of exquisite floral arrangements, including roses with long stems, rose boxes, tulip buckets, and more.