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Utilizing and Repurposing Past Floral Arrangements

Utilizing and Repurposing Past Floral Arrangements

Preserving Flowers for Prolonged Use

After a few days of being adored by you, your flowers are probably beginning to show signs of wear and tear. 

Why would you discard such a lovely bouquet if you could retain it? 

You shouldn't act like such a moron. 

If you properly dry and store your flowers, they will remain gorgeous for at least another year. 

Here are some tips for making the most of the wildflowers you already possess!

Dried flowers, recently reentered, can be utilised in many unorthodox ways. 

The Shadyhill Company would like to inform you of the numerous possible applications for preserved flowers. 

Before we discuss how to make the most of dried arrangements, please review our guide, which discusses how to preserve your flowers and other ways to discover new applications for them.


The process of preparing dried flowers


Drying flowers requires little effort. You may store them in their natural shape or flatten them. 

Choose the method that best meets your requirements based on the intended application. You only need some rope and an excellent, dry spot to hang your flowers or arrangement to allow them to dry. 

Remove the plant's lowest leaves and suspend them for a few weeks so the flower points in the opposite direction. When selecting the flowers, you must ensure that they are scorched.

You will need a heavy object, parchment or wax paper, and a thick book to press the blossoms. A handful of the book's pages might benefit from being lined with parchment or wax paper.

Arrange the flowers, cut sides down, in the preferred arrangement on wax or parchment paper. Place a lock on the pages within the book.

The dried flowers should be placed inside the closed book and crushed with weight for seven to ten days. 

Ensure that the blossom is thoroughly dried and has a papery texture. At this point, you can begin utilising your blossoms for various purposes. 

We hope the following suggestions inspire you to revitalise that outdated floral arrangement.


Jar With a Flower Arrangement


A bouquet to be a lovely addition to your home can include fresh flowers. A vase or a basket may be used to display a bouquet of dry flowers if the arrangement has been intact. Also, you can decorate a large dining table or smaller occasional tables by placing a few stems in separate vases. 

This is an additional option. In addition, creating little spaces in bedrooms and bathrooms is acceptable. 

Reviving a wreath is as simple as tying a small bundle together and adorning it with various objects. A table in the room with a dish of potpourri prepared from dried flowers.

It is usual to practise disregarding potpourri as a decorative component due to its long history of use. 

Still, it is a brilliant concept to incorporate dried flower petals and buds into the design. It is easy to make your potpourri, and you may give it a unique flavour by adding essential oils, spices, herbs, dried fruits, and nuts.

Whether it will be used in an entryway, a bedroom, a bathroom, or an ample gathering space, potpourri can be altered visually and aromatically to complement the space in which it will be placed.


Jarred-made candles packed with dried flowers


Candles have always been a popular gift and home accessory option. Candles and dried flowers are complimentary decorative elements that pair well together. 

You can create a candle from dried flowers with a few petal fragments, tiny blooms, or some of your potpourri. 

To increase your ability to reuse materials, try making candles out of empty jars and other containers you already have in the house. There will not be two identical candles in every location.


Decorations for walls fashioned from dried flowers


Visual interest can be added by placing a backdrop of dried flowers against an otherwise uninteresting wall. 

There are infinite creative ways to utilise this item, but our favourite is to string them along the length of a wall using twine. 

Make a wall hanging by stringing dried flowers on multiple strands of twine and then attaching the arrangement to a pole or driftwood. 

This will create the look of a floral garland. 

There is a possibility that the space is missing something special and that something could be string lights.

Greeting cards created from dried and preserved flowers. Making pressed flower greeting cards is a simple and amusing way to add a personal touch to greeting card gifts. 

Developing a unique pattern from the beautiful flowers you press will undoubtedly inspire you to make various greeting cards, birthday cards, and "just because" messages. 

Envision a hand-crafted "get well soon" card created from dried flowers. 

Flowers preserved by pressing them onto any cardstock size make for a delightful keepsake that can be framed and displayed as art.


With Dried Flowers Adorned Manicure


If you are contemplating a manicure, dried flower petals or filler flowers can be ideal for your nail art. After applying a short layer of nail resin and two thin layers of top coat, you can keep them in place.


Deodorizing Sachets


Rose petals that have fallen from a wilted flower arrangement of roses can be reused by drying and storing them in little mesh bags. 

Whether you store them in the sock drawer or your closet, your clothing will always have a lovely, clean scent.

A bouquet of dried flowers along with the essential components to create a bath bomb from them


Occasionally, everyone should treat themselves to at least one day at the spa. 

Whether you want to make homemade gifts for your friends or want to enjoy your flower arrangements for a more extended period, stuffing a bath bomb with dried flowers is a lovely method to preserve them for more extended periods. 

When you get home, you will feel like you have just returned from a spa day.

One cup of almonds, one-fourth cup of almonds, a few drops of lavender essential oil, and a quarter of a teaspoon of baking soda.

  • About a quarter of a teaspoon 
  • Pure Rose Oil Petals derived from dried flowers
  • A bottle of witch hazel for use as a toner for the skin.
  • For the tub, there are bomb-shaped moulds.

In a bowl, sift together the citric acid and baking soda as the initial phase of the process. 

This will prevent any lumps from forming in the bath bomb's ingredients and ensure consistency is constant from the start.

Afterwards, include the oils of the aromatic components. It would be best to use your hands to prevent the essential oil from clumping and ensure that it is uniformly dispersed. 

After the ingredients have been thoroughly incorporated, the oats can be added.

The following step is to add water to the mixture. The components of a bath bomb are soaked in witch hazel before being carefully combined. 

Continue spraying a small amount, incorporating it, and repeating until the bath bomb mixture can be equally wet and pressed into a mould. A sandcastle requires a precise amount of moisture to remain intact. 

If it becomes too wet, it will simply slide everywhere. If the air is too dry, it cannot hold together. Moulds created exclusively for bath bombs are the next item on your purchasing list. 

The mould will be filled in two halves. Place a few dried flowers in the bottom of one of the bath bomb halves and use them to decorate the product's exterior. 

On top of the dried flowers, you can sprinkle some of the bath bomb-making mixtures and then incorporate them with your thumb. 

Continue adding a layer of flowers, then a layer of bath bomb mixture, another layer of flowers, and so on, until only about half of the mould is filled.

After carefully removing one half of the mould, filling the cavity with the bath bomb mixture, and pressing the remaining half together, you will have a bath bomb in which the mixture is more densely packed.

Raising one side of the mould will allow you to remove the bath bomb safely. If you wish to remove the bath bombs onto a soft surface, try placing cling film over a towel or a folded sheet first. 

This will aid in keeping the bath bombs in place while they are removed. At this time, they will not be able to escape. After opening the package, you must wait at least two days before using the bath bombs. 

Following that, everything will function properly. If you are not using them immediately, place them in an airtight container to prevent them from absorbing moisture.


Handmade Candlesticks With Pressed Flowers and Leaves


Make a pressed flower lantern from your dried flower arrangement to illuminate your late summer evening gathering, backyard barbeque, or another outdoor event. 

Your audience will believe you laboured for many hours on things, even though you didn't exert much effort. Botanical splendour is a type of paper made from wax.

A ruler, a small blade, a knife, a cutting board, and a self-healing mat can all be categorised as cutting instruments.


  • I was ironing a garment or using an ironing board
  • Japanese washi tape


To begin, get some wax paper and cut it into four rectangles measuring 4 1/2 by 9 inches. 

You can alter the measures to build a lantern of a different size, but these are the ones that will produce a beautiful cube.

To make a crease, fold one of the rectangles of wax paper in half along its length. You should distribute some of your dried flowers throughout the wax paper layers.

Put the dried flowers on wax paper, and then apply a medium-temperature iron over the wax paper. 

The two sides of wax paper can be fused with an iron. Wax paper is double-sided. 

Continue these instructions as often as required until all four panels are complete.

Arrange the panels to be adjacent to one another on the floor. Hold the lantern with the desired side facing outward to get the desired appearance. 

This will produce the intended result. This is an excellent application of washi tape; thus, measure and cut a strip an inch longer than one of your panels. 

The tape must be centred over the seam that separates the panels and then firmly pressed into place. Flipping the panels will allow you to adhere any excess tape to the lantern's interior. 

At the tape, please fold the paper over itself to create a crease. 

Apply tape to the final two sides until they are all joined. Insert a tea light or LED candle into the glass holder within each lantern to light it. 

This will enable the lanterns to illuminate.

Why discard something that can be used for another purpose rather than letting it go to waste? 


You will not only be able to demonstrate your creativity while helping to conserve the natural world by reducing the amount of trash transported to landfills, but you will also be contributing to protecting the environment.

Flower delivery from The Shadyhill Company will help you continue to flourish. The Shadyhill Company is prepared to assist you in transforming your residence into an aesthetically beautiful refuge as the seasons change. 

We utilise environmentally responsible methods to cultivate our flowers so that you can always access the freshest, most aesthetically beautiful, and aromatic flowers available; these flowers will enliven any indoor space. 

In addition, the beauty of the flower arrangements we create with dried flowers will last throughout the year. 

Please look at our suggestions on changing your floral arrangement into a form of self-care for further ideas and inspiration. 

This is the day to bring the power of flowers into your home.