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The meanings of flowers | Elsternwick Florist Delivery

The meanings of flowers | Elsternwick Florist Delivery


Throughout human history, flowers have come to represent a wide variety of things, some of which have nothing to do with the occasion. 

Flowers have come to represent a variety of notions throughout history, making them more than just a beautiful gesture of appreciation that can convey your thoughts and sentiments. 

These interpretations have been transmitted from era to era.

You can utilise this list of flowers and their associated meanings to convey your message through flowers.

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Early spring daffodils signify the conclusion of a long, hard winter and the beginning of the gradual transition to summer. 

The daffodil's vivid hues make it an attractive flower. One of the most significant connections with daffodils is "fresh beginnings," presumably because of the time of year when these blooms appear for the first time. 

The approach of spring brings rejuvenation, expansion, and a profusion of new flowers.

Because daffodils have a positive connotation, they are an excellent present to congratulate someone on a job well done or to inspire someone who may be feeling melancholy.

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Reddish-orange tulips


Red tulips, like red roses, are a sign of love and ardour. Roses and other flowers are commonly used. 

In addition to roses, tulips, with their dark crimson petals, are frequently considered romantic flowers. 

Despite significant variances between them and classic red roses, they are universally acknowledged as a symbol of "true love."

They are unique compared to the conventional flower arrangements given to loved ones on special occasions, making them an excellent present for someone special. 

On important occasions such as Valentine's Day, an anniversary, or a birthday, a bouquet of red tulips is the ideal gift to demonstrate your appreciation and esteem for a particular person in your life. 

A bouquet of red tulips is always pleasant, but here are a few situations in which they may be particularly welcome:

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Flowers with a yellow hue 

Flowers with a golden tint similar to roses. Yellow roses, like daffodils, symbolise joy, camaraderie, and optimism. 

The daffodil symbolism for friendship is well-known. Roses are commonly recognised as one of the most beautiful flowers; giving a bouquet of roses as a present will almost certainly make them happy.

Flowers are the ideal present for a friend who merits praise or could use a boost in the form of something special.

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Orchids have come to represent luxury and sophistication due to their unique beauty and exorbitant cost. 

They are ideal for giving to someone you hold in high regards, such as your spouse, family member, or a close friend.

They are not associated with a specific festival or holiday. Thus they can be given as both gestures of joy and sadness.



They exemplify happiness due to their colours' startling intensity and connection to summer and the sun.

Giving someone a bouquet of sunflowers as a present is a foolproof method to make them happy and smile.



When handled, the lavender plant emits a calming fragrance in addition to its beautiful purple flowers. 

There is no location that this will not quickly illuminate. Few people recognise that lavender symbolises loyalty.

Lavender is an excellent alternative to red roses as a romantic gift that should not be overlooked.

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