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Sympathy and Funeral Flowers Delivery In Melbourne - Tips

Sympathy and Funeral Flowers Delivery In Melbourne - Tips


Etiquette Concerning Sympathy and Funeral Flowers: Frequently Asked Questions and Tips

Nothing in this world can soothe the void left behind by the death of a loved one. 

Despite this, finding solace in knowing that others feel the same love and worry as you can be a source of strength. 

A friend or loved one going through a difficult time would likely find it comforting if you sent them flowers. 

You are sending someone who has just suffered a loss your condolences in the form of flowers, whether a funeral wreath or an arrangement of sympathy flowers, maybe a heartfelt way to show your support.

It is not always simple to determine which flowers to send at a funeral or how to express your sorrow and sympathy through the gift of flowers.

The following answers questions regarding the delivery of funeral and sympathy flowers.

If you were to send flowers, would it be more appropriate to send them to the family's house or the funeral home?

Your connection to the family and whether or not the deceased was someone you knew or was prominent in the life of someone you care about are both important considerations when determining whether or not you should go to a funeral. 

It is possible to convey appreciation in a heartfelt and personal manner by sending a bouquet to the recipient's home.

If you believe sending flowers to the funeral home would be more appropriate, you are more than welcome to do so. 

Sending a tiny posy or bouquet of condolences to a private residence is the most appropriate thing to do. 

When sending flowers to a funeral home, it is customary to send a large arrangement or a funeral wreath rather than a single stem of flowers.


What Size Should a Funeral Wreath Be? How Big Should a Sympathy Flower Arrangement Be?


Again, the answer will change depending on how close you were connected to the dead person's family and friends. 

At the funeral, rather than a massive spray of flowers, perhaps a simple wreath of gerberas, roses, or orchids would be more appropriate. 

If you believe a large and grand arrangement is more fitting for a funeral, you should go for that instead.

Why Is the Funeral Flower Arrangement That I Ordered Not Beautiful?

Casket covers and funeral flowers are more than just a token of sympathy to the bereaved family and friends. 

They can also reflect the distinctive personality of the departed and all they contributed to the world, demonstrating how much they mattered to you even after they passed away.

In their memory, we ask that you honour those who have passed by giving some thought to the flowers most accurately representing them. 

Were they bright and cheerful, much like roses or gerbera daisies? 

Or were they more reticent and introspective, like regal orchids and exotic lilies?

Sending flowers symbolic of who they were can be a touching way to honour them and demonstrate that you put some care into your selection. Consider the family's religious affiliation and the nature of the death while making your floral selection.

Can I Pick Out a Funeral Spray or Wreath That Has Some Color to It?

To some, funerals are not a time for sadness but rather a chance to honour the deceased. A vibrant, multicoloured arrangement could be ideal here. Once again, the family and the nature of the death should guide you when selecting flowers, arrangements, coffin covers, and sprays. Check out our Full Resource on Choosing Funeral Flowers for more information.

I couldn't attend the funeral; is it too late to send condolences?

When it comes to sending flowers, there is always time. Flowers and condolence arrangements can be sent to the family even after the funeral service has ended. They will most likely value that people remember their loved one and themselves via this act of kindness.

If I cannot go to the funeral, is it okay to send flowers instead?

Your grief and concern for the family will not lessen because of the distance between now and the funeral. Even if you are far away, sending flowers is a touching gesture showing you think of the deceased's loved ones.

Funeral flowers and arrangements can be purchased online and delivered to the family or the funeral home in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, or Brisbane.