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Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day in 2023

Planning the Perfect Valentine's Day and Super Bowl Get together in 2023

Regardless of whether you are single or in a relationship, there is no denying the fact that you could not have made it through the past few years without the support of your friends. 

Valentine's Day was founded to honour the bonds of female friendship; therefore, when the rest of the world is sending you chocolates and flowers on Valentine's Day, don't forget to celebrate Valentine's Day!

The forthcoming Valentine's Day is going to be absolutely incredible, just like it has been in prior years. 


This event is going to take place on the same day as the Super Bowl! 

You shouldn't be concerned that you'll have to pick between relaxing in front of the television or a movie and spending the Day with your girlfriends because you won't be forced to make that decision. 

The following are some tips that will help you throw a Valentine's Day party that your guests will enjoy. 

A gathering of this nature ensures that you will continue to grow closer to one another throughout the course of the following year.


When does St. Patrick's Day fall on February 14?


It's easy to get carried away with party planning when you don't have a clear idea of what you're celebrating. But resist the urge. 

First things first: what exactly is the holiday known as Valentine's Day, and where did it get its start?

Let's start at the beginning by introducing you to Leslie Knope, the mayor of Pawnee. 

Those of you who haven't seen the smash popular NBC series Parks and Recreation may not be aware that Leslie serves as the department's deputy director. 

Because Leslie is the kind of person who is always looking on the bright side and taking the initiative, she chose February 13 as the Day to celebrate female friendship and called it Valentine's Day. 

A day that, in Leslie's words, is dedicated to "women appreciating ladies."

When Leslie's novel idea was put into practice in the real world, its momentum increased dramatically almost immediately. 

Today, women from all around the world are getting together to raise a glass and celebrate the many advantages of having female friends. 

Even while a breakfast involving waffles and frittatas would be in keeping with the Parks and Recreation theme, women's Valentine's Day festivities have been very imaginative. 

If the girls get together once a week to celebrate their friendships, it will be easier for them to maintain those bonds in the years to come.


The Crucial Role That Planning Plays in Timing


Due to the fact that both Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl will take place on the same Day this year, you will be faced with a challenging decision. 

Do you think it's a good idea to divide your time between the women and the big game? 

You might find that a combination of the two is more to your liking. 

Taking into consideration, the female guests enables one to reach this conclusion. 

Do they sneer at the concept of watching sports, or do they have many jerseys stowed away somewhere?

You may start the Day off well with mimosas and croissants if you're going for the tried-and-true approach of celebrating Valentine's Day with brunch. In the afternoon, you can indulge in all of your favourite super bowl snacks. 

In the gap of time that exists between the two occurrences, it is feasible to take a nap. 

Because there is a lot to do for Valentine's Day, it is essential to prepare ahead and get your flowers and gift sets in advance.

However, if you want to make the most of this once-in-a-generation meeting of football and female strength, why not celebrate Valentine's Day in the evening? This will allow you to get the most out of the experience. 

Get everything set up for the big game, devise a star system for the commercials, and then take some time to relax with the ladies at the halftime break. 

Bear in mind that some ladies may perceive the game as a time to connect with one another while watching it, whereas other ladies may view it as a time to watch the game in silence.

Always keep your guests apprised of the latest developments regarding your plans. 

They will be able to mark it on their calendars and will not feel as if they are under any kind of need to accept each and every offer they receive.

Pick a Subject to Discuss.

After you've decided when to throw your party, the next thing you'll need to do is select a theme for it. 

Regardless of how you feel about the Super Bowl, if you have a theme for your party, it will be much simpler to choose relevant décor, products for the food, and even activities to perform during the event.

Excessive shimmering and sparkling


If you and your best gal pals take pleasure in the finer things in life, such as strolling the streets of Beverly Hills or SoHo, attending red carpet events with a thronging entourage, and so on, you might want to decorate your Valentine's Day party to represent your refined sense of style. 

That's right, and we'll need some flashy balloons, some wall decals, and some table decorations for this party.

The glitterati whom you have invited to your party is deserving of a delectable dinner, so don't forget to make one for them! 

Try these more sophisticated finger foods as an alternative to traditional options like chicken wings and nachos. 

The preparation of stuffed mushrooms, shrimp cocktail, and asparagus wrapped in bacon are actually quite straightforward, despite the fact that these dishes give the impression of being difficult.

Don't lose track of all the fun activities that you and your closest girlfriends can participate in tonight! 

We will not, however, be attending the football game; rather, we will be watching the most recent awards show (and no, we are not referring to the Grammys).

You, in your capacity as the evening's host, are entrusted with the obligation and the honour of providing awards for the ladies in attendance. 

Who among these individuals is the most attentive listener? 

If you need flowers at any time, can you always trust them to send them to you? 

The reigning queen of laughter? 

Everyone who is present, but especially the females, will leave the party feeling secure in their own beauty. This will be especially true for the ladies. 

You always have the option to select certain presents for Valentine's Day, regardless of whether or not you decide to award genuine medals for these accomplishments.


Amusement Accomplished Through Football and Snacks


If you and your friends just can't get enough of sports, you should celebrate Valentine's Day and the Super Bowl at the same time by throwing a huge party (or those super bowl commercials).

Since you won't be joining the women for breakfast, bring them your favourite local beer or signature drink in place of mimosas. This will show that you care. 

When it comes to catering, finger foods are almost always a good option to go with. 

Are those potato skins stuffed with something? 

Cheese skewers? 

Did chicken smother in a hot sauce? 

In a word, yes!

There will be other things to do besides watching the game on TV, despite the fact that it will be an intriguing competition. 

Instead, give in to that desire to prevail by forming teams and playing games that you've devised yourselves. 

At the tailgate, you should get things started off on the right foot by playing a game of cornhole. 

You can play this game by tossing bean bags back and forth between two boards that have been placed at opposite ends of a room or corridor. 

You have arrived at the right location if you are seeking some recommendations for Super Bowl dips to try out this year.


Take Advantage of the Moment's Attention Focused on the Rustic Style


If you like a more rustic-chic style in your day-to-day life, you are going to adore the recommendations that we have for the décor for your next party. 

By hanging up photographs of you and your girlfriends in your home, you can make it feel more friendly and inviting to guests. 

Get some small chalkboards and write some game day chants and words of encouragement on each one.

Leave out some wooden crates that are filled with flowers, or even just some eucalyptus, which is a favourite of ours that lasts year after year. 

In addition to that, we can't ignore the string lights! 

Not only do they genuinely light up your space, but they also give off that country air that would make anybody and everyone feel as though they were right at home.

Favour tried-and-true comfort foods such as pizza from your neighbourhood joint, mom's famous cookie recipe, and soft pretzel bits with cheese dip. 

When beer and wine are included in the spread, you have a meal that is suitable for having lengthy chats.

At a Valentine's Day party with a country vibe, you and your gal buddies might have a great time if you bring out some old board games that you played when you were younger. 

Then, have a paint-off with your pals in the privacy of your own home, depicting each other (or your favourite football players) while drinking a bottle of red wine with each other.


Let's Have a Breakfast Party in Pink


If you want to celebrate Valentine's Day without taking attention away from the Super Bowl, then this brunch is the perfect option for you.

We want you to know that although many people might get the idea wrong and think that Valentine's Day is an attempt to undermine Valentine's Day, this is not the case at all. 

The celebrations of Valentine's Day and Valentine's Day can be enjoyed together by the ladies, who can do so with their hearts completely satisfied. 

For all the girls who just can't get enough of the colour pink, we believe that throwing a Valentine's Day party with the concept of combining pink and Valentine's Day may be a lot of fun. 

In honour of your lady friends, this is the perfect time to deck the halls with rosy-coloured balloons, heart-shaped streamers, floral table runners, and vases full of blooms.

If you believe that obtaining pink food would be extremely difficult, we are here to dispel that notion. 

Take advantage of the current trend of waffles and offer your female friends these pink heart-shaped waffles in celebration of Valentine's Day. 

To make the waffles in the shape of a heart, simply add a few drops of red food colouring to the batter and then pour it into a waffle maker in that shape. 

After you have finished your task, you should treat yourself to a serving (or two; we won't tell) of strawberry ice cream topped with a drizzle of maple syrup and a scoop (or two; we won't tell).

Instead of waffles, you might try some pita bread with some beetroot hummus on top if you're not a fan of waffles. 

We are aware that this pink mixture may sound peculiar, but believe us when we say that it is absolutely fantastic! 

Have we overlooked including rosé in the list?


I hope you have a wonderful Valentine's Day!


You may celebrate Valentine's Day by watching the game here at The Shadyhill, or you can just hang out with your girlfriends here and relax. Either way, we're here for you. 

February 13 is celebrated as Valentine's Day, and we promise that sending you and your friends one of our bouquets on that Day will bring you all a little bit closer together. 

We take special precautions to guarantee that our flowers retain their enchanting appearance for an extended period of time after being cut so that your ladies can continue to take pleasure in them even after the special occasion has come and gone. 

Consequently, now is the time to place that flower order, get together with your girlfriends to watch some football, and express gratitude for the amazing gift that is the relationship between women.