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One Man's Survival Guide to Being Alone on Valentine's Day

One Man's Survival Guide to Being Alone on Valentine's Day

It is difficult not to ponder the absence of a love companion on Valentine's Day. 

This is true regardless of whether you are comfortable with your single status, seeking the one who will complete you, or just beginning to comprehend how dating works through Covid. 

Due to the predominance of romantic imagery in popular cultures, such as couples passionately kissing on television and shops decked with displays of red roses and chocolate hearts, it is typical to suffer feelings of solitude during February. 

There is no cause for concern! 

Remember that you may still enjoy Valentine's Day if you are single, even if you look through Instagram photographs of happy couples.

You are correct; this celebration is not exclusive to individuals in healthy relationships. 

We are all aware that there is more than one type of love, yet Valentine's Day is still dedicated to celebrating romantic love. 

Consider for a moment the origins of Valentine's Day. 

Check out these Valentine's Day ideas, and remember to focus on your love for yourself, your loved ones, and your community.

Send Greetings with Flowers to Yourself


Given that Valentine's Day falls on a Monday this year, it is likely that you will be required to work a full day. 

You may dread seeing your coworkers showered with flowers and gushing as they read love letters to their significant ones as you prepare to enter the office. 

Even if you live a work-from-home lifestyle, you will learn about the beautiful bouquets and arrangements your friends and coworkers have received.

Nevertheless, do you know what? 

You do not need someone else to deliver flowers; you may do it yourself! 

We will deliver the bouquet of locally sourced flowers that you select. 

Choose a bouquet for your single coworker who dreads Valentine's Day because it is so full of love. 

Check out the following tips for Valentine's Day flower delivery if you need assistance understanding how the entire delivery process works.

When you receive the arrangements you have bought, you will be reminded that there are various kinds of love in the world. 

And within lies cause for a smile.

Throw a party for your still-single friends.

Although it may appear that everyone in your world has found a partner and is living happily ever after, this is quite improbable. 

Gather with a small group of your single friends and prepare for good old-fashioned singles-only fun while the couples celebrate.

Since there are still grounds for concern over Covid, discuss the things about which you are all at peace. 

If everyone agrees that going out will not put them in harm's way, the next stage is to determine what sort of mood you wish to generate.

You desire low-key lighting and grey velvet, don't you? 


Make a reservation at a fancy restaurant with your friends. 

Even though luxury candlelit restaurants may be crowded with people holding hands with their significant ones, you can still join in on the fun. 

Make a table reservation, order appetisers to share, and speak throughout the evening while drinking beverages.

Visit your favourite brewery or pizza place if you're in the mood for something a little less dramatic. 

Extra points will be provided if you find a location with pinball machines and board games.

You may invite some of your single friends over if you avoid huge groups. 

Prepare a meal (we think an interactive supper such as a taco bar or a hot pot would be a lot of fun), set up a beverage station, and gather your guests' favourite board games. 

You can spend the night discussing the challenges of dating during Covid or avoiding any conversation about potential romantic interests.

They are giving back to the community through volunteer work.

On Valentine's Day, take advantage of the holiday to do something kind for others in your community rather than focusing your negative energy on yourself. Not only does volunteering help other people, but it can also help improve your happiness.

Volunteers may be needed for the unique events that certain groups offer in honour of Valentine's Day. Determine whether or not any community kitchens or homeless shelters are planned to host Valentine's Day dinners. 

If this is the case, they may require more assistance.

Visit your local animal shelter if you are interested in other volunteer opportunities. 

After having some canine and feline companionship, a smile is guaranteed to come to your face. 

Additionally, they will value the affection shown to them.

Don't worry if you'd like to volunteer but are currently quarantined at home or trying to avoid risky situations. There are many different methods by which one can volunteer without ever leaving their home. One possibility is to create some Valentine's Day cards and then deliver them to the people who work in the emergency room or the inhabitants of a nearby nursing home.


Sign out of all social media accounts


Let's not sugarcoat this. Even if you have the deepest love for yourself, there are moments when being alone can be challenging. When you watch happy couples cuddling on the couch or your best friend's significant other preparing a seafood meal for them, it's natural to have a range of strong emotions.

Suppose you know that seeing happy couples will make Valentine's Day more difficult for you. In that case, you should log out of Instagram, Facebook, and any other site that will overwhelm you with romantic imagery.

During the Night, Do Something Nice for Yourself


Outside of the context of Valentine's Day, we could all use some self-care. Take advantage of today to air everything out in the open. After indulging in a relaxing dip in the bathtub or a nice, steamy shower, change into some brand-new pyjamas or sweatpants and get comfortable in front of the television with your go-to delivery meal. You should treat yourself to that facemask you've been coveting and utilise that bath bomb you've been saving for a special occasion. The time is now.

Take a break from enjoying the night to reflect on who you are in isolation from everyone else and how you feel. What is it about this year that makes you most proud of yourself? What are some of the qualities that set you apart from others? Put these in writing and store them in a place where you may retrieve them later.

You may always refer back to these reminders, regardless of whether you marry the love of your life tomorrow or remain single for the next ten years.

Gala Valentine's Day should be celebrated.

It's that time of year again! It is simple to overlook another significant celebration in the middle of February due to all of the commotion surrounding Valentine's Day. You have yet to learn what we're talking about, do you?

This Parks and Recreation holiday has served as motivation for people all across the world, who have then brought it to life. On February 13 of each year, female friends gather to celebrate their affection for one another and the bond that unites them.

The current year presents a one-of-a-kind opportunity for celebrating. The Super Bowl and Galentine's Day fall on the same day, so why not have a party to celebrate Galentine's Day while watching the big game? A celebration is a fair game, but throw a brunch with heart-shaped waffles and mimosas if you want to wow someone.

Not only will Galentine's Day remind you of the love in your life, but it will also allow you to express how you truly feel about Valentine's Day even though you do not have a significant other. That's right, gentlemen—don't be afraid to express your emotions to the ladies! Whether you're getting over a difficult breakup, navigating the dating scene in Covid, or taking advantage of everything that life as a single person has to offer you.

Spend Some Time Outside in the Fresh Air

It's easy to become bored when you're forced to sit in a quiet house or wander through shops where everything is shaped like a heart. Put on some shoes and go for a walk if you're seeking a means to escape the situation. You can make do with the park or river in your immediate vicinity or organise a more extensive excursion to one of the state or national parks in the area.

A day spent climbing to the peak of a mountain or watching the ocean waves crash against the shore can put our lives into perspective. Even though this may come across as discouraging, it can be a welcome reprieve from the self-absorbed thoughts that tend to dominate when one is under pressure. Spending time in natural settings also helps us feel more at ease and revitalised.

Get Groovin'

If you want to turn your living room into a dance floor, you should trade in those slow tracks for some energetic sounds. Move your body as if no one is watching (because the truth is no one is), and don't be afraid to break a little sweat. You're going to have an excellent time after just a few songs.

Even if having a dance party by yourself is something everyone should try at least once, you could also choose to host a night of dancing for some of your close friends instead. Ensure everyone contributes at least a few songs to the communal playlist that you make a few days in advance and distribute to everyone. Be sure to have some energising mixed beverages available for when it's time for a break in the action. The perfect cocktail would consist of seltzer water, a dash of cranberry juice, the juice of half a lime, and an optional shot of vodka.


Watch Some Romantic Comedies to Help You Get in the Mood


It is possible to enjoy the concept of a romantic relationship even if you are not currently in a relationship. If that's the case, grab some popcorn and chocolates and settle in for your go-to feel-good movie while you watch the credits roll.

These films will not only supply you with the heartfelt and romantic scenes you are looking for, but they will also have you in fits of hysterical laughter.

Create and send Valentine's Day cards to the people you care about.

Do you remember exchanging valentines with your classmates when you were a kid? Consider taking a cue from these more specific times and crafting homemade valentines for the folks with a special place in your life.

Red paper, glitter, and bright markers are three supplies that will always steer you right, regardless of whether or not you consider yourself an artist. Cut out some hearts, come up with some puns about love, and don't hesitate to express your admiration for the things others offer.

Adding pressed flowers to your Valentine's Day cards is one of our favourite flower hacks, and if you want to take things to the next level on Valentine's Day, you should try it! You can prepare certain flowers for the big day by drying them in advance if you plan and give yourself a few weeks.

The exchange of Valentine's Day cards also helps normalise the concept of love that is not romantic. Even if your single pals undoubtedly value a valentine from you, you shouldn't stop there! Even if your loved ones are already attached to romantic relationships, they will still enjoy hearing from you and being reminded that you are thinking of them. And there is always room for more of that in the world.

Celebrate Valentine's Day on Your Own This Year.

Even if you don't have a significant other to celebrate Valentine's Day with, there's no reason you can't do it in style. Pick an option from the list above, place an order for some locally grown flowers, and get ready to throw a party in honour of all the love in your life.