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Figuring Out Which Funeral Flowers Are Appropriate

Figuring Out Which Funeral Flowers Are Appropriate


Because of the occasion's solemnity and the emotional toll, it takes on everyone, the words you choose to speak at a funeral are just as important as how you choose to say them. 

Sending flowers to the deceased's family is a time-honoured custom that should be observed during funerals. This is one of the most foolproof ways to ensure you adhere to the proper funeral protocols.

Because various flowers can signify a wide range of emotions and sentiments, it is essential to select funeral flowers with great care not to cause unnecessary discomfort or offence to the bereaved family. 

The following guide will help you choose the proper flowers for a funeral.

What Type of Flowers Should I Send at a Funeral for Someone Who Passed Away?

Flowers not only cheer up a sad event but also convey sorrow to the deceased person's relatives. 

Because of this, the custom of bringing flowers to funerals has been practised for a long time.

Please make use of these helpful pointers to guarantee that your expression of sympathy is conveyed through the floral arrangement that is the most appropriate when the time comes for you to bring flowers (or send them) to a funeral.

Lilies are seen to be a symbol of both peace and innocence.

Because of their dignified appearance and reassuring fragrance, white lilies are frequently used in floral arrangements intended for funerals. 

Because of its association with innocence and the naiveté of youth, white lilies are traditionally used as the flower of choice for funerals. 

On the other hand, lilies of many different colours are frequently connected with a wide range of feelings.

You are welcome to send lilies as a symbol of your sympathy and respect either on the day of the funeral or at a memorial service that will be held at a later date. 

Because of their association with purity and innocence, Christians frequently use lilies in funeral wreaths and casket covers.

Roses symbolise reverence, thanks, and adoration in the international language of flowers.

There is nothing more appropriate than a bouquet of white roses, considered a symbol of sanctity, innocence, and purity, for a funeral service. 

However, this does not mean you are prohibited from bringing roses of various colours to the funeral.

You might also give pink or red roses, which stand for appreciation and love, depending on the nature of your connection to the person who passed away. 

Roses of a deep crimson colour are traditionally used as a symbol of grief and farewell in the Christian and Muslim faiths. This is because the colour crimson is associated with the blood of Christ. 

It is in poor taste to send roses without expressing appropriate sympathy in another way.

Remembering someone with the gift of a carnation is an honour.

Because of the carnation's delicate petals, beautiful appearance, and lasting scent, it is a flower frequently selected for funeral arrangements. 

The same holds with carnations; like roses, varied colours signify various emotions.

The pink carnation is associated with reminiscence, while the white carnation signifies love's purity and innocence. 

When you want to express how much the dead person means to you and how much they will be missed, red carnations are the appropriate flower to put in a funeral bouquet.

Do you want to give a special someone a bouquet that is both stunning and unique? 

The carnations, lilies, roses, and gerbera daisies you order from the florist would look stunning in a bouquet or wreath you purchase from them.


Native plants of Australia that are in bloom 

Bring Proud Recollections Back With You

A person who has a special connection to Australia is the type of person who will value a bouquet that is crafted from native blooms. 

You can express your warmest sentiments by sending a bouquet of Australian flowers, such as proteas, banksias, and leucadendrons

Because of their earthy tones and enduring nature, native Australian flowers are an appropriate way to honour a brave cancer survivor or a service member who has served in the armed forces.

The Chrysanthemum is Considered to Be an Honorable Flower.

Chrysanthemums, particularly white ones, are frequently used in various cultures across Europe and Asia as a symbol of grief and death. 

A floral tribute of white chrysanthemums, which are associated with the emotion of mourning, is an excellent choice to present at an Asian funeral.

Using chrysanthemums and other flowers, such as gerbera daisies, roses, and lilies, in a funeral wreath or bouquet is appropriate. Chrysanthemums are also an option.


Giving Someone Orchids Is Known to Inspire Enduring Compassion


Orchids, mainly white and pink ones, are frequently used as funeral flowers since they are thought to symbolise everlasting love. 

These would be appropriate additions to memorial floral arrangements that honour the life and legacy of the person who has passed away.

Because of their long vase life and elegant appearance, these lovely flowers have become increasingly sought after for funeral sprays and bouquets in recent years. This trend is expected to continue.

Although purple orchids are stunning, contrary to popular belief, they are not commonly associated with mourning or death; therefore, it is best to choose a darker colour scheme. 

Florists will tell you that sending an arrangement of dendrobium or phalaenopsis orchids is the most thoughtful way to express your condolences.

Gerbera daisies are a common choice for those looking to send a message of innocence and purity through their floral gift.

Funerals and condolences are appropriate occasions to use gerberas because of their stunning appearance and deep symbolism. 

Did you know that the Celts believed gerberas could make you feel more at ease? 

The casket of a person who was always full of life and joy would be appropriately adorned with gerbera daisies as a choice of floral arrangement.

Gerbera daisies in pink represent unending adoration, while those in white represent calm and innocence. 

These sumptuous blooms lend an air of refined sophistication to any arrangement, be it a wreath or a spray of flowers.


Do You Require the Delivery of Funeral or Memorial Flowers?


Flowers are one of the most lovely ways to convey that you care for someone or something. 

You can count on Fresh Flowers to deliver your condolences anywhere in Australia, including Sydney and Melbourne, when the time comes for you to pay an appropriate tribute to someone important to you. 

Talk to one of our florists immediately so you can quickly place an order for funeral flowers.